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Locals Eats – Local Drinks

Every trip to Ferch’s Crafthouse Grille in Wauwatosa is a chance to taste the local offering favorites. Ferch’s Crafthouse has 40+ craft beers on tap and over 200 craft beer & ciders in bottles & cans in the cooler along with a menu of tasty craft fare. We also offer great selection of local spirits, wines, scotches, whiskey & bourbons. We strive to offer the best selection of craft beer whether it’s from across town or the other side of the world.  Whether or not you are a new beer lover or a beer, bourbon or wine connoisseur, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to guide you through every selection and offering.

family friendly dining

Family Friendly Dining Experience

Just like we strive to bring you the best in craft beer and cocktails, the same goes for our delicious food. We offer signature burgers, appetizers and local favorites.  Our menu is crafted with you in mind to make your outing enjoyable with the paring of food and drink. Beer, Bourbon, Wine & Spirits tastes better with food, family and the friends you bring to Ferch’s Crafthouse in Wauwatosa. Family friendly dining and more. 

Family of Restaurants

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